Music for Yle Radio Theatre drama with Bravade Recorder Quartet

“While working on the Renaissance recorder quartet piece for Bravade I was approached to write music for the Yle Radio Theatre production Urian kirje. I choose Bravade to be the vecihle for creating the musical content for the drama, which deals with the topics of smuggling and human trafficking. Loosely based on a biblical story, Urian kirje will be premiered on July 2015 at Yle Radio 1 of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The clips above will give a hint of how I approached the topics of sea, waves, bubbles and gossip with the aid of Renaissance recorders.” (O.V. May 2015)


Video: Recording Bravade in YLE M2 studio (Take IV)

Video: Recording Bravade in YLE M2 studio (Take V)