Portrait of the composer

Portrait of the composer Olli Virtaperko.
The documentary film ”Composing out loud” by Raimo Uunila (2016).

Latest News

XIV Turku Cello Competition – premiere of Sitka (for violoncello solo)

Olli Virtaperko’s new work for cello, Sitka, receives 12 premier performances by the semifinalists of the XIV Turku Cello Competition on August 29-30. Sitka is Virtaperko’s sixth work for solo cello and it was commissioned by the Musical Society of Turku for the XIV Turku Cello Competition 2022. Programmed at the semifinal stage, Sitka introduces…

Virtaperko in Tampere Biennale: Music for ”Old Europe” & Skärgården

The Guards Band (Kaartin soittokunta) will perform the new 2022 revision of  Virtaperko’s wind orchestra work Music For ”Old Europe” in Tampere Biennale, 6 April 2022. The festival also features trio Superpluck playing Virtaperko’s virtuosic Skärgården. Olli Virtaperko’s Music for ”Old Europe” was commissioned by the Klagspuren Schwaz festival in 2003, and the arrangement for symphonic…

Upcoming Performances

  • Wed

    Fantasia "Liberazione"
    Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord
    Musiikkitalo/Black Box, 19:00
    Helsinki, Finland

  • Sun

    Kampin Laulu, Saara Aittakoski (cond.)
    Ritarihuone, 18:00, Helsinki, Finland
    Helsinki, Finland