Portrait of the composer

Portrait of the composer Olli Virtaperko.
The documentary film ”Composing out loud” by Raimo Uunila (2016).

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Autumn Updates and Progress Report on a New Composition for the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Concert Hall Organ at the Helsinki Music Centre

Olli Virtaperko’s new orchestral composition is set for its premiere in Autumn 2024 at the Helsinki Music Centre, performed by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and organist Susanne Kujala. While the composer has been hard at work in his studio on the orchestral piece, his music journeys far and wide. In January 2024, the Helsinki Music…

XIV Turku Cello Competition – premiere of Sitka (for violoncello solo)

Olli Virtaperko’s new work for cello, Sitka, receives 12 premier performances by the semifinalists of the XIV Turku Cello Competition on August 29-30. Sitka is Virtaperko’s sixth work for solo cello and it was commissioned by the Musical Society of Turku for the XIV Turku Cello Competition 2022. Programmed at the semifinal stage, Sitka introduces…

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