Kutsu (Call for cores, 2010) is a musical fairy tale for soprano, jouhikko and cello, based on Juan Antonio Muro’s painting Au-dessus des nuages, 2010 (120 x 147 cm).

Muro’s abstract study was paired with a narrative fantasy. The enigmatic squares, black concentrated mass and mountain landscape resulted in an imaginary storyline that involves the Finnish folk instrument the jouhikko and soprano employing a traditional Karelian cattle call to call home the creatures located somewhere under the squares and clouds.

Muro Au-dessus des nuages


for soprano, jouhikko and cello


Annika Fuhrmann 2012

Annika Fuhrmann (soprano & jouhikko) at the performance of Kutsu at Tampere Biennale, April 2012. (Photo: Maarit Kytöharju)




Kutsu score
Score of Kutsu (Call for cores)



Annika Fuhrmann, soprano/jouhikko; Johanna Tarkkanen, cello
Recorded at at the concert hall of The Helsinki Concervatory of Music, 27 November 2011



Duration 4’30

First performance

12 February 2011
Annika Fuhrmann, soprano/jouhikko; Johanna Tarkkanen, cello,
Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

Published by

Music Finland


Last performance

19 April 2012, Tampere Biennale
Annika Fuhrmann, soprano/jouhikko; Johanna Tarkkanen, cello
Tampere, Finland

All past performances of Kutsu

12 February 2011, Annika Fuhrmann & Johanna Tarkkanen, Helsinki, Finland
5 March 2011, Fuhrmann & Tarkkanen, Helsinki, Finland
27 August 2011, Fuhrmann & Tarkkanen, The Gallen-Kallela Museum, Helsinki, Finland
15 March 2012, Fuhrmann & Tarkkanen, Concert Hall of Helsinki Conservatory, Finland
19 April 2012, Fuhrmann & Tarkkanen, Tampere Biennale, Tampere, Finland