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”Among younger composers Olli Virtaperko certainly ranks among the most striking.” Richard Whitehouse/Gramophone

romers_gapNew CD: Romer’s Gap – three concertos by Olli Virtaperko

Two world premieres: works for Avanti! and solo harpsichord

Two world premieres by Olli Virtaperko will take place in the summer season. Fantasia ”Liberazione” for harpsichod in meantone temperament will be premiered by Marianna Henriksson on 17 June in Helsinki, and the consort song Hämäläisten jumalat will be premiered […]

Four years of twists and turns: interview by Jimmy Träskelin

“Helsinki-based composer Olli Virtaperko attained a physical outcome to a four-year project with the release of an album of three extensive concertos on the Ondine label in October 2017. The details of the Romer’s Gap disc are a fascinating reflection […]

New CD: Romer’s Gap – three concertos by Olli Virtaperko

Romer’s Gap, a new CD release by Ondine includes three new concertos by Olli Virtaperko, recorded by the Jyväskylä Sinfonia under conductor Ville Matvejeff. Romer’s Gap is a concerto for electrically amplified cello featuring as soloist Perttu Kivilaakso, best known as lead […]